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Creditor Rights and Bankruptcy


The attorneys of Sasser, Sefton & Brown, P.C., are experienced in serving the legal needs of both creditors and business organizations. The firm provides a variety of creditor-oriented and business-related legal representation, including commercial and general civil litigation, as well as, advocating for receiverships, handling residential and commercial foreclosure, eviction and ejectment services. The firm has assisted creditors throughout Alabama and the Southeast in the enforcement of security interests in real estate, equipment and other collateral.

Commercial Workouts

In addition to our representation of creditors in litigation and the enforcement of security interests, the firm has represented both creditor and debtor clients in numerous commercial workouts. These workouts have included refinancing and assignments of debt, asset and liability sales and reorganizations of business operations.


Our attorneys exclusively represent creditors in all types of bankruptcy proceedings. Our lawyers routinely prepare and file claims, analyze and object to plans and prosecute stay lift motions. The firm’s lawyers have handled non-dischargeable debt actions (with successful appeals through the 11th Circuit), defend preference, fraudulent transfer and lien avoidance claims. Our lawyers have also served as counsel for creditor committees and our litigation colleagues team up to provide an integrated complete defense to bankruptcy litigation matters.

Attorney Contacts

For more information about our firm’s creditor rights and bankruptcy practice, please contact Bowdy J. “Bo” Brown.