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Nonprofit and Grant Funded Organizations

Although our firm is located in Montgomery, Alabama, the nonprofit and grant funded practice group works with organizations across Alabama, around the Southeast and throughout the United States. With decades of combined experience, the firm practice members have a deep understanding of nonprofit organizations and their needs. We find solutions for nonprofits in the areas of general nonprofit law, contracts, corporate governance, federal and state grants, funding source disputes, administrative appeals, litigation, labor and employment law, private fundraising, real estate, taxation and regulatory compliance. Our clients range from Community Action Agencies, Head Start programs, and other grant-funded entities, to trade groups, professional societies, homeowners’ associations and include both long-established, multi-million dollar public charities, as well as, newly formed organizations.

Formation and Governance

Our services start at the beginning–with the formation of new nonprofit organizations. We offer a full-service solution for the formation of new 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4), 501(c)(6) and other nonprofit organizations. Our lawyers have helped many new nonprofits with their initial incorporation and governance issues. Our experience working with start-up nonprofits allows us to offer a competitive, yet full-service solution for starting a 501(c)(3) organization or other nonprofit. Our services include advice about structuring the new nonprofit and preparation of the key organizational documents:

  • Articles of Incorporation (Certificate of Formation or Incorporation)
  • Initial Bylaws
  • Example Minutes for Organizational Meeting
  • Obtaining Employer Identification Number (EIN)

In addition to our start-up solution, these services are also offered individually and as part of more limited solutions. Our nonprofit incorporation service includes preparation of the articles of incorporation, bylaws, basic policies and example minutes for the organizational meeting.

Nonprofit Corporate Legal Counsel

Nonprofit organizations face most of the same types of legal issues that for-profit businesses face. Nonprofit organizations have employees, enter into contracts, and buy and lease real estate–just like for-profit businesses. Although nonprofits and for-profits frequently face the same types of issues, the specific issues are rarely the same and solutions that will work for a for-profit business may not be appropriate for a nonprofit organization. Our firm understands nonprofits may require different solutions and our experience working with many nonprofit organizations allows our lawyers to find effective yet efficient solutions to nonprofits’ legal needs. We offer a range of legal services to nonprofit organizations in the following areas:

  • Contracts
  • Corporate Law and Governance
  • Labor and Employment Law (Employee Handbooks and Personnel Manuals, Investigations, and Employment-Related Claims)
  • Litigation
  • Lobbying and Political Activities
  • Real Estate (Acquisition, Disposition, and Development)

This range of services allows our firm to act as outside general counsel to nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations, but our lawyers also work with nonprofit organizations on a per-case basis to find solutions to individual legal matters.

Community Action, Head Start, and Grant Funded Organizations

The firm has a long history of working with grant funded organizations (such as Community Action Agencies, Head Start programs, and Weatherization programs) around the Southeast and across the United States. Our firm acts as general counsel to multiple grantees and works with individual Community Action Agencies, Head Start programs, and other grant funded organizations to find solutions to specific issues related to their grant funded activities. In addition to acting as traditional lawyers, we assist grant funded organizations in preparing for and responding to Federal and state monitoring reviews and performance audits. Our lawyers represent grantees in administrative appeals, enforcement actions, and litigation at the state, regional and federal levels, as well. The firm also provides training and technical assistance to grant funded organizations. We help grantees determine their levels of compliance with program requirements, design and assist grant funded organizations in implementing compliance systems (including the creation and revision of policies and procedures) and provide compliance and governance training.

Attorney Contacts

For more information about our firm’s nonprofit and grant funded organizations practice, please contact Robert E. Sasser or Timothy J. F. Gallagher